I am not my hair

This morning I read a story about Kaitly Juvik, a Montana teenager who staged a bra less protest after her high school demanded she wear a bra. It really hit me. She nailed it. Sadly as it ran on my Facebook feed few people got it. She was talking about the objectification of women, of body shaming. Why don’t people get that? Being bald rings the same bell for me. I want her to live in a world where “tits and hair” do not sell cars, or beer, or anything else. That is what women fought for in the 60’s and are still fighting for.

I have thought about writing about my baldness for a while  but always stopped to wonder who would care. The loss of my hair is such a trivial matter. Why is it that my bald head stirs up such confusion, concern and even disgust in some people? Is it because without  “girl hair” it is harder to objectify me, harder to put me in a box they are comfortable with. While no one has been stupid enough to question my gender I get the questioning looks, sad smiles and gods forbid pity.

When I first gave up and shaved off what little hair I had remaining I looked for other women who shared my experience(#alopecia, #women’s hair loss etc, etc, etc )but my searches only returned pages of full of wigs, cheap Rogaine, scarves and chemo caps. I wanted a place to vent. I wanted to talk about how I feel watching shampoo ads and how I sometimes dream about having hair. I want to talk about what I want to say to people who ask me about my cancer treatments. What I found was:

DO YOU SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS. No, I don’t suffer from hair loss, I suffer from people who don’t use their turn signals, the rising cost of prescription drugs and not being able to find my favorite tea. I suffer because my friends live 8 hours away and from the loss of my father. My lack of hair is almost the least important thing in my life. It’s like toenails, dead.

Don’t get me wrong , do what you need to be comfortable. I tried scarves but I always look like the women for the 1950’s Russian propaganda posters and my head sweats to much for a wig.

So while my thoughts are not the most profound maybe my experiences and little insight might help.

So here it is my sisters of the shining dome. #alopecia,#women’s hair loss,#body shaming#I am not my hair.